Letter: If We Faced Up To Climate Change, We Could Protect Our Future

Wyckoff has the privilege of having Harriet Shugarman as the leader on its Environmental Commission as well as its Green Team. With her energy and leadership, Wyckoff has set an example as a community concerned with environmental issues and responsibility. Harriet recently wrote an editorial that was published on NJ.com in support of scientific research, solar energy, and environmental entrepreneurship.

Chair of Wyckoff Environmental Commission Pens Editorial

An excerpt from a post that originally appeared on patch.com on April 7, 2015

Harriet Shugarman wrote in support of scientific research, solar energy and environmental entrepreneurship.
By JUSTIN HEINZE (Patch Staff)
April 7, 2015


A Wyckoff native and chair of the Wyckoff Environmental Commission wrote an editorial to NJ.com on Tuesday promoting climate change research and solutions.

She highlighted the work of solar energy expert Tim Leyden as something New Jersey residents should get behind, the op-ed stated.

Shugarman is the chair of the Wyckoff Environmental Commission.

“Wyckoff is committed to growth of an economic and socially sustainable community,” reads the commission’s mission statement on their website. “And to developing strategies that will reduce our impact on the environment both collectively and individually, so that we might preserve our natural resources for the citizens now and in the future.”

The commission operates several outdoors-oriented events throughout the year, including a trash pick-up and a fishing derby.

Letter: If we faced up to climate change, we could protect our future

By Times of Trenton Letters to the Editor
on April 04, 2015 at 8:00 AM, updated April 04, 2015 at 8:05 AM

The guest opinion “Electing the right leaders makes a world of difference” (March 30) by solar industry veteran Tom Leyden, clearly shows that while the people and economy of New Jersey are already feeling the effects of our warming climate, far too many state elected officials and political hopefuls are eager to ignore the scientific realities of global warming.

In 1957, when the USSR launched Sputnik, America did not hide in denial. America accepted that scientific reality and the challenge it presented and put a man on the moon less than a dozen years later, inspiring a future generation of U.S. scientists.

As a New Jersey parent, it’s clear to me that we must give scientists and entrepreneurs like Tom Leyden the support they need to develop options to tackle climate change and address real dangers, such as sea level rise.

We should be cutting pollution and supporting sensible policies for climate change adaptation. Instead, New Jersey political leaders are cutting the very budgets, staff and policies that have been put in place to help protect our children and our future.

I remain confident that we can take on the challenges of global warming. But, to do this, we need responsible political leaders who first accept the problem exists.

— Harriet Shugarman,
The writer is executive director of ClimateMama.com.